Corporate and Promotional Gifts

Perdu Puzzles can design and make a range of bespoke puzzles, coasters and other items. Jigsaws can be created to follow the shape of the product. Words, logos and dates can be included within the cut pattern as every piece is hand designed. The puzzles are packaged in luxury magnetic closure boxes that can be labeled for the company. The puzzles can be made in large, medium or small volumes as everything is produced in house. Designs can involve a printed image or designed using a range of coloured acrylic to produce a pop art effect without the need for printing. Jigsaws can range in price from £2 to £200 depending on requirements.


ING Bank

Perdu Puzzles created a bespoke jigsaw for ING Bank for a charity function. The art work had been produced by a school child connected to the charity.

The swirling shapes made a stunning jigsaw.



Boehringer Ingelheim


Perdu Puzzles produced a jigsaw for a Boehringer Ingelheim conference. The attendees put the jigsaws together in groups of about 10 people. Half the groups had the image of the complete jigsaw on the box and half didn't. The concept was that if you have the whole picture, it is much easier to work out what is happening.

The image we were supplied with was excellent. It was colourful, clear and had plenty of words and images.


Perdu Puzzles has the flexibility to produce jigswas for events and promotions. These can be in any size, shape and quantity. We work closely with our printer to be able to offer very quick turn around times.




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