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Perdu Puzzles is a family owned business that designs and makes some of the best jigsaw puzzles money can buy.


The Hilton family have always enjoyed doing jigsaw puzzles and this is mainly because David Oliver, father of Perdu’s founder Judy Hilton, has hand cut puzzles for her since she was a small child. Puzzle cutting was in her family and her great uncle (Eric Pedley) had even cut puzzles that were done by the Queen.

The puzzles never came with a picture (the only one was stuck to the wood and sawn up) and every year David would think up some new trick with irregular shaped edges or corners in the middle and always they were cut around the boundaries of colour to make them more difficult. Often presented in a Quality Street box the latest challenge was something to look forward to every Christmas or Bank Holiday sat around the table for a sociable evening (or two) with a glass of wine.


The big idea

Perdu Puzzles was started with the ambition to create puzzles that captured the fun, style and technical difficulty of these hand cut puzzles at an affordable price.

The idea was to create the cut pattern for each puzzle by hand on modern computer equipment and then to cut a limited edition run of each puzzle using a laser cutter. There was also an opportunity to bring jigsaws up to date with the 21st century using modern materials and bright, vibrant modern images.


Product development

During the original product development phase there were a number of technical challenges to be overcome and Perdu Puzzles were able to draw upon the significant scientific and engineering skills of the owners to meet these. Over a period of about a year many different material combinations, printing methods and cutting styles were tested before the final selection was made and the first products were ready for market.


Puzzle characteristics

The final puzzles show significant technical improvements over even the very best hand cut wooden puzzles.

This is partly because of the modern material choices and cutting method that allow sharper corners and thiner cut parts with good structural integrity. It is also partly because Perdu Puzzles have the chance to prototype the puzzle, test it by doing it in the normal way (more wine!) and then making corrections to any areas where the pieces are too big, too small or insufficiently linked together.

The result is a puzzle with no mistakes, no false cuts, no glue and no wrinkles in the print.



Perdu puzzles are made in the UK. The materials are sourced in the UK, printed in the UK and every puzzle is cut in the Perdu Puzzle factory in Cumbria.

Production runs can be as small as a single puzzle and as big as several thousand but the most common is a limited edition run of five hundred. Perdu hold a small stock of all current production puzzles fully finished and boxed and are able to cut more from printed stock within a few days.

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